Wu Jianzhong, AWS is a Hong Kong artist, Signature member of the American Watercolor Society. Largely self-taught, his foundation years in graphic design training connected him with watercolor. Jianzhong sees in nature and his surroundings, panes and blocks of colors and graphical facets. Preferring to express his watercolor in its unique characteristic of fluidity and transparency, they are applied with simple broad strokes, doing away with fussiness. This imparts his work with a sense of vastness and purity. The same is seen in his portraiture paintings which he enjoys studying, breaking up each change of light on the skin surfaces into small panes, and deciphering the hidden thoughts behind each faces’ façade.

A seasoned frame drum player, Jianzhong’s music intertwines with his art – their low-key beats calm his mind and are as rhythmic as the very hand that applies every stroke of art.

Jianzhong’s work is accepted by the American Watercolor Society(AWS) and National Watercolor Society(NWS) as well as bestowed with award. He has held several exhibitions, with works collected by local and overseas buyers.

Works for sale, welcome to inquire. contact@wujianzhong.com