vifArt Sketchbook

Extracts from my vifArt sketchbook.
I base on the nature of a sketchbook (if the paper is smooth, rough, grainy, plain etc) to paint, to create what I think is best with it within the shortest time.

這一本是日本製的叫vifArt, 木漿紙沒有棉紙的吸水能力,容易留下個性水跡,但重疊能力差,適合用來畫速寫,挑選幾張來分享。

Book: 101 Sketching Tips

Thank you Stephanie Bower for including me to this wonderful book!

我有一張鉛筆小頭像收錄在美國速寫名家/作家 Stephanie Bower的新書裡,這是一本非常好的工具書,可說是集百家之大成,特別有利於速寫。

101 Sketching Tips by Stephanie Bower
by Stephanie Bower