What consumes your typical dialogue with your loved ones, friends or family? For one couple, it is all about art.

"Dialogue" showcases 32 watercolor paintings by Hong Kong artist Wu Jianzhong and his Singaporean wife Lisa Huang. Art dominates their daily conversation and was a catalyst that first connected them. Inspired by the phonetic equivalent of the word ‘dialogue’ and ‘pair of paintings’ in Mandarin, the exhibition presents a concept of communication between pairs of work created either at the same spot or of a same theme by a couple.

These 16 pairs are accumulated throughout their hundreds of plein-air paintings all over Hong Kong from roadsides, harbors to fishing villages, on their honeymoon in Rajasthan and recent trip to the minority Miao tribe household. Each pair threads a hidden dialogue, of significance and intimacy known to themselves.

“Our character, past experiences, people we interact with, they shape how we express ourselves even without words. So despite looking at the same scene at the same time, we create works differently. Sometimes our paintings form records of our inexpressible experiences.” Lisa offers.



展覽《對畫/對話》的概念源於這兩個近音詞所代表的一種溝通模式。 香港畫家吳建忠與新加坡籍太太黃麗珊長期相伴在不同的地點寫生,無形中產出了一對對相互呼應的作品,當初兩人的結合也源於藝術的交流。《對畫/對話》代表著畫與畫本身因屬於同一時間或景象的即興描繪而產生的共有言語,吳氏夫妻間的對話。



《Dialogue 對畫/對話》 - 吳建忠與黃麗珊畫展
展期: 2016年12月10-22日(延期至12月28日)
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聯絡: 手提:512-11301
電郵: hello@lisahuangart.com
網站: www.facebook.com/lisa.schizzo/
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